We use a number of different pieces of equipment on our ghost hunts to try to communicate with the spirits. Here is just a few of them........

Ouija board


One of our main pieces of equipment we use is a board, with either a planchette or a glass as a pointer for the letters or numbers, to spell out words to questions asked.

Spirit box


Used on numerous paranormal tv shows, the spirit box is a modified radio that sweeps through am and fm radio bands in the hope of picking up words spoken by spirits 

EMF meter


These are used to measure the electromagnetic fields in a room, believe to be emitted by spirits.  When using you do need to be aware of other devices in the room so that there is no confusion about where the readings are coming from.

Infrared thermometer


A sudden change in temperature is thought to indicate a possible presence of a spirit so we use these to keep a check on ambient room temperatures. You should expect at least a 5-6 degree change to indicate possible spirit activity.

REM detector


This device uses an aerial to emit a magnetic field around itself. When something crosses that field, ie a spirit, it beeps and lights up to make people aware. 

Digital recorder


We use a digital voice recorder to record EVP (electronic voice phenomena) . During investigations there have been recordings made of mysterious sounds and voices, otherwise  unheard during the vigils and we use these to listen back over the events, hoping to hear unexplained sounds.

As well as these items, we also use trigger objects, motion sensor lights, laser grid lights, infrared night vision camera's (both video and photo), dowsing rods and crystal pendulums.