Fancy taking part in the worlds largest ghost hunt?


National Ghost Hunting Day

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Established in July 2016, National Ghost Hunting Day recognises and celebrates the novice, curious and expert execution of ghost hunting methods. As an official listing on the National Day Calendar, it is held on the last Saturday of each September. This date was chosen by design, commencing the start of each new Halloween season. It's noble intention is to globally promote the most haunted properties in the world while recognising the work of paranormal investigators dedicated to these iconic locations!


Join us at Moot Hall on September 26th 2020!

Come and get involved in the worlds largest ghost hunt. Each year, more and more paranormal groups get together to take part in this world wide event. All selected groups will simultaneously start their investigations at their chosen locations, ours being at Moot Hall. Elstow, Bedfordshire.  

Arrival time 7.30pm. Start time 8pm

Finish 12.30am

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